Report: Car Sharing in Metro Vancouver

Posted on 29 November 2014


Ini mirip dengan komunitas / Nebengers dengan semangat kolaborasi dalam transportasi. Mereka mewujudkan ini sebagai transportasi sosial. Sebuah kolaborasi dari angkutan umum dan pribadi untuk menciptakan transportasi yang terintegrasi.

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As Uber continues to make news (taxi medallions and licences are crashing in value), car sharing is blossoming.

Metro Vancouver has just released a report on car sharing in Vancouver:


Metro - carshare



Vehicle Reduction – On average, up to three private vehicles were shed per car share vehicle. When the avoidance of acquiring private vehicles was included, then each car share vehicle is estimated to have removed 5-11 private vehicles from the use of current car share households. Unlike avoiding an additional vehicle, not all vehicles that were shed would have been taken off the road permanently, as some would have been sold or transferred to other owners in the region or elsewhere.

Changes in Vehicle Kilometres Travelled (VKT) – About one-half of car share households with no vehicles prior to joining car share reported driving more after joining a program. In contrast, one-third of car share households…

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