Success Stories in Corporate Learning and Development

Posted on 13 Oktober 2014


Dikutip dari sini, Dalam bukunya “HRM in Knowledge Economy”, Mark Lengnick-Hall dan Cynthia Lengnick-Hall mengatakan belakangan ini fungsi manajemen sumber daya manusia (SDM) di banyak organisasi bersifat dangkal. Mereka cenderung hanya berusaha melakukan pekerjaan rutin secara lebih baik dan efisien daripada mengevaluasi peran dan kontribusi mereka dalam rangka menyongsong era bisnis baru menuju Human Capital Management (HCM).

Hannah Hager

It took one initiative: Making Red Hat University Managers more aware and passionate about using education as a retention tool for great talent to make a significant impact on their employees. Michael Paquin, Director of Red Hat University, says the number of unique sales department students to attend their university training classrooms, LMS and other sites increased from a few hundred to over 2,000 in one year alone. This, just from inserting some excitement in their managers. Further, the average quantity of training consumed per-person also jumped from low single-digits to mid-teens globally. Read on for more information on Michael’s achievements or see how you can hear him in person

HH: What were your biggest ‘wins’ and ‘lessons learned’ from launching a global training and performance enablement program from the ground up?

MP: The most important lesson I’ve learned recently is that collaboration attracts commitment. The most successful…

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