It’s Knowledge Management, Jim, but not as you know it

Maret 25, 2015


Originally posted on For what it's worth...:
A recent conversation with a colleague sent me searching back to my archives for a conference presentation I did nearly 16 years ago. The subject of the conference was on the impact of Document Management as an enabler for Knowledge sharing in the enterprise. Driven by three…

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Can we get rid of the Managers?

Maret 17, 2015


Originally posted on 67 Spring:
Jacob Morgan (@jacobm) has investigated several companies which have found ways to become and act “managerless”. In his article he also briefly highlights how main tasks are handled within such a company (see picture). Have a look @

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Mengapa Mobile Learning adalah Masa Depan Belajar di Tempat Kerja

Desember 21, 2014


Why Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Workplace Learning Click to view the complete infographic. | Infographic by Upside Learning

Report: Car Sharing in Metro Vancouver

November 29, 2014


Originally posted on Price Tags:
As Uber continues to make news (taxi medallions and licences are crashing in value), car sharing is blossoming. Metro Vancouver has just released a report on car sharing in Vancouver: . ? KEY FINDINGS   Vehicle Reduction – On average, up to three private vehicles were shed per car share…

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Success Stories in Corporate Learning and Development

Oktober 13, 2014


Originally posted on Hannah Hager:
It took one initiative: Making Red Hat University Managers more aware and passionate about using education as a retention tool for great talent to make a significant impact on their employees. Michael Paquin, Director of Red Hat University, says the number of unique sales department students to attend their university…

Akar Masalah Pendelegasian

September 14, 2014


Mengambil terlalu banyak pekerjaan pada satu waktu? Itu salah sebagaimana yang digambarkan dalam Teori Manajemen! Kita sering mengatakan “ya” untuk suatu tugas, ketika kita harus mengatakan “tidak”. Apakah ini menguntungkan kita atau tim kita? TIDAK! Ini hanya mengarah kepada kondisi yang penuh kecemasan serta stres yang diakhiri dengan kelelahan dan gairah kerja yang hambar. Kita menginginkan […]

Is The Customer King – As We’ve All Heard Previously?

Agustus 12, 2014


Originally posted on EPPIC - Pursuing Performance:
The Customer Is King – Not I say no. And I said so in 1995 in this article – now at ASQ. The Customer Is King – Not! – 15 page PDF – the original version of the article published in the Journal for Quality and Participation in March…


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